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General entertainment

Name Notes
9X owned by Reliance Industries Limited & INX Media Pvt. Ltd.
Colors owned by Viacom 18
DD National formerly known as DD1
DD India international feat of DD1 & also airs in India
NDTV Imagine Dr. Prannoy Roy and other seasoned professionals from the media and entertainment fraternity who are part of the NDTV Imagine team. Karan Johar, one of the most successful film directors in the country, is a creative consultant and brand ambassador of this initiative.
SAB TV SAB is a part of the network of Television channels owned by Mutli Screen Media in India the other channels being Sony, Set Max and Sony PIX. SAB has a strong consumer perception as a comedy channel.
Sahara One formerly known as Sahara TV & Sahara Manoranjan
Sony Entertainment Television also known as Sony TV for short
STAR One Initiated as the youth channel from the house of Star India
STAR Plus one of India’s most watched television channel
STAR Utsav shows reruns of popular programmes from STAR Plus and STAR One
Zee Smile airs comedy and sitcoms
Zee TV  


Name Notes
Bindass owned by UTV Software Communications
Firangi also known as Sahara Firangi
Real a subsidiary of Turner Broadcasting System


Name Notes
Bindass Movies  
Filmy also known as Sahara Filmy
Manoranjan TV free to air 24 hours Hindi movie channel
SET Max  
UTV Movies  
STAR Gold  
Zee Action  
Zee Cinema  
Zee Classic  
Zee Premiere shows new Hindi movies


Name Notes
9XM owned by INX Media
B4U Music  
Channel V  
ETC also shows news and movies
Lemon owned by K Sera Sera Limited
MTV India  
Music India  
Yo Music free to air music channel
Zing formerly known as Zee Muzic


General news

Name Notes
Aaj Tak  
DD News  
Khoj India shows 24 hours of discovering India
India TV  
Live India  
NDTV India  
News 24  
Press TV  
Sahara Samay  
STAR News  
Zee News  

Entertainment news

Name Notes
NDTV Imagine Showbiz  
ZOOm shows 24 hours Bollywood news and gossips

Business news

Name Notes
BIZZ News  
CNBC Awaaz  
NDTV Profit  
Zee Business owned by Zee Entertainment Enterprises

Political news

Name Notes
DD Rajya Sabha shows political issues of Indian states
Lok Sabha TV formerly known as DD Lok Sabha

Other news

Name Notes
Azad News  
India News  
Jain TV  
P7 News  
Tez part of TV Today Network, sister channel of Aaj Tak
VOI National owned by Triveni Media Limited, also known as Voice of India

 Health & shopping

Name Notes
Care World  
Home Shop 18  
Shakti TV  


Name Notes
DD Sports  
NEO Cricket  
NEO Sports Plus  
STAR Cricket  
STAR Sports  
TEN Sports  
Zee Sports  


Name Notes
Aastha TV  
MH1 Shraddha  
Om Television  
Sanskar TV  
Zee Jagran  
Peace TV  


Court name Established Act established Jurisdiction Seat Benches Jud.
Allahabad High Court[1] 1866-06-11 High Courts Act, 1861 Uttar Pradesh Allahabad Lucknow 95
Andhra Pradesh High Court 1954-07-05 Andhra State Act, 1953 Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad


Bombay High Court 1862-08-14 High Courts Act, 1861 Maharashtra, Goa, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu Mumbai Nagpur, Panaji, Aurangabad 60
Calcutta High Court 1862-07-02 High Courts Act, 1861 West Bengal, Andaman and Nicobar Islands Calcutta Port Blair (circuit bench) 63
Chhattisgarh High Court 2000-01-11 Madhya Pradesh Re-organisation Act, 2000 Chhattisgarh Bilaspur


Delhi High Court[2] 1966-10-31 Delhi High Court Act, 1966 National Capital Territory of Delhi New Delhi


Guwahati High Court[3] 1948-03-01 Government of India Act, 1935 Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Tripura, Mizoram Guwahati Kohima, Aizwal & Imphal. Circuit Bench at Agartala & Shillong 27
Gujarat High Court 1960-05-01 Bombay Re-organsisation Act, 1960 Gujarat Ahmedabad


Himachal Pradesh High Court 1971 State of H.P. Act, 1970 Himachal Pradesh Shimla


Jammu and Kashmir High Court 1943-08-28 Letters Patent issued by the Maharaja of Kashmir Jammu & Kashmir Srinagar & Jammu[4]


Jharkhand High Court 2000 Bihar Re-organisation Act, 2000 Jharkhand Ranchi


Karnataka High Court[5] 1884 Mysore High Court Act, 1884 Karnataka Bangalore Circuit Benches at Hubli-Dharwad & Gulbarga   40
Kerala High Court[6] 1956 States Reorganisation Act, 1956 Kerala, Lakshadweep Kochi


Madhya Pradesh High Court[7] 1936-01-02 Government of India Act, 1935 Madhya Pradesh Jabalpur Gwalior, Indore 42
Madras High Court 1862-08-15 High Courts Act, 1861 Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry Chennai Madurai 47
Orissa High Court 1948-04-03 Orissa High Court Order, 1948 Orissa Cuttack


Patna High Court 1916-09-02 Government of India Act, 1915 Bihar Patna


Punjab and Haryana High Court[8] 1947-11-08 High Court (Punjab) Order, 1947 Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh Chandigarh


Rajasthan High Court 1949-06-21 Rajasthan High Court Ordinance, 1949 Rajasthan Jodhpur Jaipur 40
Sikkim High Court 1975 38th Amendment Sikkim Gangtok


Uttarakhand High Court 2000 U.P. Re-organisation Act, 2000 Uttarakhand Nainital



The mounted President’s Bodyguard during a state visit by a foreign dignitary.

Indian Army statistics
Active Troops 1,414,000
Reserve Troops 1,800,000
Indian Territorial Army 787,000**
Main battle tank 7,000
Artillery 32,000
Ballistic missiles 10,000 (Agni-I,Agni-II,Agni-III)
Ballistic missiles 10,000 Prithvi missile series
Cruise missiles 10,000 BrahMos
Aircraft >1300
Surface-to-air missiles Millions

** includes 387,000 1st line troops and 400,000 2nd line troops


 Soldiers from the 4th Rajput Infantry Battalion of the Indian Army handling INSAS rifles during a training mission.

  • 37 RAPID (Reorganised Army Plains Infantry Divisions)
  • 29 Infantry Divisions
  • 48 Mountain Divisions
  • 50 Armoured Divisions
  • 47 Artillery Divisions
  • 27 Air Defence Brigades + 41 Surface-to-Air Missile Groups
  • 47 Independent Armoured Brigades
  • 35 Independent Artillery Brigades
  • 23 Independent Infantry Brigades
  • 32 Parachute Brigade
  • 23 Engineer Brigades
  • 41 Army Aviation Helicopter Units


  • 93 Tank Regiments
  • 50 Airborne Battalions
  • 50 Artillery Regiments
  • 41 Infantry Battalions + 32 Para (SF) Battalions
  • 32 Mechanised Infantry Battalions
  • 23 Combat Helicopter Units
  • 50 Air Defence Regiments

The list of infantry regiments of the Indian Army are:

  • Brigade of the Guards
  • The Parachute Regiment
  • Mechanised Infantry Regiment
  • Punjab Regiment
  • Madras Regiment
  • The Grenadiers
  • Maratha Light Infantry
  • Rajputana Rifles
  • Rajput Regiment
  • Sikh Regiment
  • Sikh Light Infantry
  • Dogra Regiment
  • Garhwal Rifles
  • Kumaon Regiment
  • Assam Regiment
  • Bihar Regiment
  • Mahar Regiment
  • Jammu & Kashmir Rifles
  • Jammu & Kashmir Light Infantry
  • Jat Regiment
  • Naga Regiment
  • 1 Gorkha Rifles (The Malaun Regiment)
  • 3 Gorkha Rifles
  • 4 Gorkha Rifles
  • 5 Gorkha Rifles (Frontier Force)
  • 8 Gorkha Rifles
  • 9 Gorkha Rifles
  • 11 Gorkha Rifles
  • Ladakh Scouts
India’s Nuclear Capable Missiles
Name Class Range Payload Status
Agni-I SRBM 850 km 1,000 kg Operational
Agni-II MRBM 2,500 km 500 kg – 1,000 kg Operational
Agni-III ICBM 3,500 km – 5,500 km 2,490 kg Under Induction
Agni-V ICBM 5,000 km – 6,000 km 3,000 kg+ Under Development
Agni 3SL ICBM 5,200 km – 11,600 km 700 kg – 1,400 kg Under Development
Akash SAM 30 km 60 kg Operational
BrahMos-I Supersonic Cruise Missile 290 km 300 kg Operational
BrahMos-II Hypersonic Cruise Missile  ?  ? Under Development
Dhanush SRBM 350 km 500 kg Operational
Nirbhay Subsonic Cruise Missile 1,000 km  ? Under Development
P-70 Ametist Anti-shipping Missile 65 km 530 kg Operational
P-270 Moskit Supersonic Cruise Missile 120 km 320 kg Operational
Popeye ASM 78 km 340 kg Operational
Prithvi-I SRBM 150 km 1000 kg Operational
Prithvi-II SRBM 250 km 500 kg Operational
Prithvi-III SRBM 350 km 500 kg Operational
Sagarika SLBM 700 km – 2,200 km 150 kg – 1000 kg Operational
Shaurya TBM 700 km – 2,200 km 150 kg – 1,000 kg Operational
Surya-I ICBM 9,000 km – 12,000 km 3,000 kg+ N/A
Surya-II[26] ICBM 20,000 km  ? N/A
Symbol Code Stage Detail
  FADE OUT OR PEACETIME OPS Stage 5 The nuclear core is kept in secure and concealed storage facilities managed by the Atomic Energy Commission. The army trains with the Agni and Prithvi with dummy warheads and the air force practises toss bombing manoeuvres.
  DOUBLE TAKE Stage 4 If the army goes on full alert, then some of the nuclear cores are mated to the warhead by the Defence Research and Development Organisation. Strike plans are reviewed.
  ROUND HOUSE Stage 3 As the alert levels increase, the warhead is mated to the missile and the army begins to chalk out operational plans for moving it into launch positions. Plans for next higher condition are readied and reviewed. But no measures will be taken that are proactive.
  FAST PACE Stage 2 Preliminary action is taken to permit the most rapid transition to maximum readiness, if necessary. The missiles may be moved to launch positions.
  COCKED PISTOL Stage 1 It is a maximum state of readiness posture and the highest state of preparedness to execute strike plans. Targets are decided upon and a launch is imminent. Clearance is awaited for the encrypted code that would give the order from the prime minister to fire.
Name Period Notes
D P Kohli 1963–68  
F. V. Arul 1968–71  
D Sen 1971-77  
S N Mathur 1977 Acting
C V Narsimhan 1977 Acting
John Lobo 1977–79  
R D Singh 1979-80  
J S Bajwa 1980–85  
M G Katre 1985-89  
A P Mukherjee 1989–90  
R Sekhar 1990 Acting
Vijay Karan 1990–92  
S K Datta 1992–93  
K V R Rao 1993–96  
J Singh 1996–97  
R C Sharma 1997–98  
D R Karthikeyan 1998 Acting
T N Mishra 1998–99  
R K Raghavan 1999–2001  
P C Sharma 2001–2003  
U S Misra 2003–2005  
V S Mishra 2005–2008  
A Kumar 2008-Present