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Dada Saheb Phalke

Posted on: November 3, 2009

The Dadasaheb Phalke Award is an annual award given by the Indian government for lifetime contribution to Indian cinema. It was instituted in 1969 [1], the birth centenary year of Dadasaheb Phalke [2], considered the father of Indian cinema.

The award for a particular year is given during the end of the following year along with the National Film Awards. The Bombay High Court had directed the Directorate of Film Festivals of India (DFFI) to consider uncensored films for the competition, a case which DFFI contested and won in the Supreme Court in late 2006. The case had delayed announcement of the award for 2006, which was announced in the middle of 2008. The 2007 award which had to be announced at the end of 2008 was announced in September 2009.

[edit] Past Winners

National Awards   Year   Winner   Occupation  
17th 1969 Devika Rani actress
18th 1970 B. N. Sircar producer
19th 1971 Prithviraj Kapoor actor (posthumous)
20th 1972 Pankaj Mullick composer (music director)
21st 1973 Ruby Myers (Sulochana) actress
22nd 1974 Bomireddi Narasimha Reddy Director
23rd 1975 Dhirendranath Ganguly actor, director
24th 1976 Kanan Devi actress
25th 1977 Nitin Bose cinematographer, director, writer,
26th 1978 Rai Chand Boral composer, director
27th 1979 Sohrab Modi actor, director, producer
28th 1980 Paidi Jairaj actor, director
29th 1981 Naushad Ali composer (music director)
30th 1982 L. V. Prasad actor, director, producer
31st 1983 Durga Khote actress
32nd 1984 Satyajit Ray director
33rd 1985 V. Shantaram actor, director, producer
34th 1986 Bommireddy Nagi Reddy producer
35th 1987 Raj Kapoor actor, director
36th 1988 Ashok Kumar actor
37th 1989 Lata Mangeshkar singer
38th 1990 Akkineni Nageswara Rao actor
39th 1991 Bhalji Pendharkar director, producer, writer
40th 1992 Bhupen Hazarika composer (music director)
41st 1993 Majrooh Sultanpuri lyricist
42nd 1994 Dilip Kumar actor
43rd 1995 Rajkumar actor
44th 1996 Sivaji Ganesan actor
45th 1997 Pradeep lyricist
46th 1998 B.R. Chopra director, producer
47th 1999 Hrishikesh Mukherjee director
48th 2000 Asha Bhosle singer
49th 2001 Yash Chopra director, producer
50th 2002 Dev Anand actor, director, producer
51st 2003 Mrinal Sen director
52nd 2004 Adoor Gopalakrishnan director
53rd 2005 Shyam Benegal director
54th 2006 Tapan Sinha director
55th 2009 Manna Dey singer

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