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List of airlines of India

Posted on: November 3, 2009

Operational airlines

List of aircraft operators which are licenced by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

Air India AIC AI AIR INDIA October 1932
Air-India Express AXB IX EXPRESS INDIA April 2005
Air India Regional LLR CD   September 2007
Blue Dart Aviation BDA BZ BLUE DART May 1994
Club One Air       August 2005
Kingfisher Red DKN DN DECCAN August 2003
Deccan Aviation DKN DN DECCAN December 1997
GoAir GOW G8 GOAIR June 2004
IndiGo Airlines IGO 6E IFLY August 2006
Jagson Airlines JGN JA JAGSON November 1991
Jet Airways JAI 9W JET AIRWAYS May 1993
Jet Lite RSH S2 LITEJET April 2007
Kingfisher Airlines KFR IT KINGFISHER May 2005
MDLR Airlines   9H MDLR March 2007
Paramount Airways PMW I7 PARAWAY October 2005
SpiceJet SEJ SG SPICEJET May 2005
Hi Flying Group HFA H9 HIFLY December 2005

 Defunct airlines

This is a list of now defunct airlines from India

Air Services of India 1936 1953
Airways (India) Limited 1945  
Archana Airways 1991 1999
Alliance Air 1996 September 2007
Ambica Airlines 1947 1949
Bharat Airways 1945 1984
Crescent Air Cargo 2000 2006
Damania Airways    
Darbhanga Aviations 1950 1962
East-West Airlines 1992 ~1995
Gujarat Airways    
Himalayan Air Transport & Survey Limited 1934 1935
Himalayan Aviation 1948 1953
Indian National Airways 1933 1945
Indian Overseas Airlines 1947 1950
Indian State Air Service (ISAS) 1929 1931
Indian Transcontinental Airlines 1933  
Indus Airways 2006 2007
Irwaddy Flotilla & Airways 1934 1939
Jupiter Airways 1948 1949
Kalinga Airlines 1946 1953/1965
Madras Air Taxi Service 1933 1934
ModiLuft 1994 1996
NEPC Airlines    
Orient Airways 1946 1953
Tata Airlines    
Vijay Airlines    

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