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Electricity in India

Posted on: November 10, 2009

Thermal Power

Current installed capacity of Thermal Power(as of 12/2008) is 93,392.64 MW which is 63.3% of total installed capacity.

  • Current installed base of Coal Based Thermal Power is 77,458.88 MW which comes to 53.3% of total installed base.
  • Current installed base of Gas Based Thermal Power is 14,734.01 MW which is 10.5% of total installed base.
  • Current installed base of Oil Based Thermal Power is 1,199.75 MW which is 0.9% of total installed base.

The state of Maharashtra is the largest producer of thermal power in the country

  Hydro Power

India was one of the pioneering states in establishing hydro-electric power plants, The power plant at Darjeeling and Shimsa (Shivanasamudra) was established in 1898 and 1902 respectively and is one of the first in Asia. The installed capacity as of 2008 was approximately 36647.76[23]. The public sector has a predominant share of 97% in this sector. [24]

 Nuclear Power

Currently, seventeen nuclear power reactors produce 4,120.00 MW (2.9% of total installed base).

Main article: Nuclear power in India

 Renewable Power

Current installed base of Renewable energy is 13,242.41 MW which is 7.7% of total installed base with the southern state of Tamil Nadu contributing nearly a third of it(4379.64 MW) largely through wind power.[22]


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