All About India

Former Directors of CBI

Posted on: November 12, 2009

Name Period Notes
D P Kohli 1963–68  
F. V. Arul 1968–71  
D Sen 1971-77  
S N Mathur 1977 Acting
C V Narsimhan 1977 Acting
John Lobo 1977–79  
R D Singh 1979-80  
J S Bajwa 1980–85  
M G Katre 1985-89  
A P Mukherjee 1989–90  
R Sekhar 1990 Acting
Vijay Karan 1990–92  
S K Datta 1992–93  
K V R Rao 1993–96  
J Singh 1996–97  
R C Sharma 1997–98  
D R Karthikeyan 1998 Acting
T N Mishra 1998–99  
R K Raghavan 1999–2001  
P C Sharma 2001–2003  
U S Misra 2003–2005  
V S Mishra 2005–2008  
A Kumar 2008-Present  

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